Product Safety

The CRAZE-contribution to responsibility!

CRAZE creates products that focus on safety and simple playtime fun as their top priorities. That is why each product must fulfil strict quality and safety standards, which go far beyond the minimum legal requirements.

CRAZE guarantees that the products comply with all legally required standards. From the careful development of the products through to their manufacturing in Germany, other EU nations, and Asia, all steps of the process undergo multiple layers of monitoring by both the experienced internal quality and product safety management team and by external, independent partners and renowned testing institutions.

By doing so, CRAZE ensures that the toys meet high quality standards and provide good design, pleasant tactile properties, and plenty of playtime fun. When it comes to product safety, all CRAZE-toys fulfil current European guidelines for their specific product category, as well as the national requirements of the countries in which they are distributed.

But high quality and safety standards aren’t the only features that help CRAZE-products stand out. The company has made it its mission to develop products that spark ideas to stimulate children’s creativity, motor skills, and imaginations because imaginative play only happens when children have products that invite them to explore.

The experts, big and small alike, seem to agree! CRAZE MAGIC SAND was the only modelling sand to be recognized as “Nominated for TOP 10 TOYS OF 2015,” - and the Olaf-Set from the popular “FROZEN” licensed theme, doesn’t just provide great, long-lasting fun for the nursery; it was also nominated by the jury of the family magazine “Family & Co.” for the award “Das Goldene Schaukelpferd”.

It’s clear that CRAZE consistently and constantly focus on adding value and perfecting the creative ideas behind their products - a fact that is shown by further awards like the nomination to the “TOP 10 TOYS OF 2016” for the CRAZE RAINBOW BEADYS fuse beads and the “TOP 10 TOYS OF 2017” for the CRAZE SPLASH BEADYS water beads. CRAZE is especially proud of its PRODUCT QUALITY AWARD, the company received from “The Walt Disney Company Germany” in 2016, for the high product quality, the creative development and the trendy packaging of the “FROZEN” advent calendar.